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"It Looked Good
in the Showroom"

This is the first video from our 2014 album, Shelter in Place. It's pretty high concept.

"Machine Room Reverie"

Another video from our 2104 album, Shelter in Place. We wrestled ancient VHS technology and wound with some impressionistic analog nostalgia.

"Ugly is
the New Black"

This song from Acronyms features guitarist Aaryn Russell, and so does the video. It's about a boy, his guitar, and his delusional mental instability. And a toaster. Our friend Stephen Floyd wrote and directed the video.

"I Listen to
Coffee All Day"

Our friend Jessica Dreesen animated this wonderful video for this work song from our Acronyms record. "I Listen to Coffee All Day" includes a guest appearance by Ralph White on banjo. It all started when Sarah casually suggested, "we should put the cat in the video."

"The Snitch"

Just before the local record release party and then tour for our 2014 album Shelter in Place, we performed a live radio broadcast at KUTX 98.9 Austin. You can hear all the songs we performed that day here.

Live Original
Film Score:
The Oyster Princess

The Oyster Princess (1919) is a tale of vanity, excess, extravagant wealth, and mistaken identity. Our newest silent film score project was selected by the SXSW Film Festival. That premier was a packed-house success, and we've since reprised the film at the historic Texas Theatre in Dallas, Discovery Green in Houston, and at the 2012 NMASS Festival in Austin.

This trailer features music from the score. You can also catch a glimpse of the debut performance that was captured by an audience member. You can hear more of our soundtrack music on our Soundcloud page.

Live Original Score for Buster Keaton's The Cameraman

This clip features live audio from the November 2010 debut of our live original soundtrack for Buster Keaton's The Cameraman (1928). We have also performed this score at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival and at Discovery Green in Houston as part of Houston Public Radio's Silent Film Concert Series. The day of the concert, we appeared on The Front Row to play selections from our original score and discuss how the project came together. You can hear more of our soundtrack music on our Soundcloud page.

"Peter Benko"

A live performance from August 11, 2011. This was the last show we played at the 6th Street Emo's. Our friend Ulrican Williams joined as our special guest on trombone. A big thanks to the fellow who captured this clip!

"Pennies from Hell"

Captured on our 2010 tour. On the day we played in Wichita, KS, we stopped at KMUW public radio and performed live for their Strange Currency program. Apparently, radio stations sometimes have cameras. Who knew?!?! Do not adjust your monitor; Philip's hair is in fact blue.

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